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TV9 is one of the most popular News Channel, where we are getting critical updates from worldwide through this channel. NEWS full form is “North-East-West-South.” Here you watch TV9 Telugu Live Streaming. TV9 is the best example for this abbreviation. It is an Indian protectorate television news network that is personalised by Associated Broadcasting Company Private Limited (ABCL).

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TV9 News channel was originated in 2004 by Ravi Prakash. Upon its start on, it was the first television control to offer 24-hour news coverage in the Telugu language in India. TV9 became well-liked with the Telugu spectators for its bold and impartial appearance of news.

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Today tv9 has 7 TV Stations in different languages in India with 6000 employees. It has over 200 million listeners all over the world. It shows reality without any fear. TV9 plays many shows for 24 hours. Some of the shows names are listed here. Anveshana, Hello America, Morning News, Prakruthi Vaidyam, Weekend Cinema, That’s Entertainment, etc many other programmes telecasted in this channel. By watching the names of the shows only, we can come to know that TV9 covers News, Entertainment, Politics, Worldwide happening information, Movies, etc. That means it is covering all aspects and all people’s mindsets.

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Some of the bhakti aspects are also referring to this news channel like they are playing Shirdi Aarthi which shows all viewers the Aarthi given to Sai Baba in Shirdi. Fitness Programmes were also running in this channel. Totally TV9 is covering all aspects which will be there in our day to day lives. The tv9 news channel is not only in Telugu, but it is serving people in different languages like TV9 Kannada, TV9 Gujarati, TV9 Marathi, etc various other languages also. And this TV9 is said to be first Telugu news channel which telecast news 24*7.

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Ravi Prakash is the Founder CEO of Associated Broadcasting Company Private Limited which is in short form called as ABCL born in Velma Community Family. He owns all six regional TV9 channels in India. The Simba Television Network in Africa is also the invention of Ravi Prakash.

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Under Ravi’s leadership, ABCL’s task has been to proceed and develop the distribution and quality of news repeatedly and bringing to spectators media services in their local languages. ABCL’s work covers small screen, filmed entertainment, cable network programming, in India, United States of America and Africa. Ravi Prakash hits a delicate equilibrium between media and organisation. His specialised leadership has taken ABCL on heights of success in different parts of the country and abroad.

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At 9 PM in TV9, 9 PM Live News will be broadcasted. In this program, All the day’s most important news will be covered. This is the only program which includes complete day. Not only the story in India, but the things also happened worldwide will be shown in this program.

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30 Minutes show is very popular in TV9 Telugu Live Streaming. In this show, the special topic will be taken by the anchor and about that issue 30 minutes story will be shown to us. For example, today is Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s Birthday, then on this particular day, the anchor will speak the complete life history of Abdul Kalam sir. Like this, the show is very familiar with all recent and updated topics.

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Hello, America is one of the programs in which lifestyle and problems faced by the Telugu people who are residing in the United States of America. TV9 has organised a mixture of programs, both on and off screen, for attractive the life standards of the public. One of these is helping the flood victims in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh. In 2004, TV9 ran a sequence of programs to bring awareness to the difficulty of people in Nalgonda and Mahabubnagar districts, who are suffering from Fluorosis because of high fluoride in their groundwater. This organisation raised funds for the operations of children with congenital heart disease through their “Saving Little Hearts campaign”, a mass awareness program.

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TV9 management established an enormous eco-friendly clay Ganesha statue at Hyderabad to raise environmental responsiveness among the public. The preponderance of the government schools across Andhra Pradesh has lacked in basic amenities like proper buildings, blackboards, benches, tables and even books. Most of them have been implementing without electricity, drinking water or drainage facilities.

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TV9’s seminar on the Right to Literacy in 2006 insisted better conditions in schools. Prakruthi Vaidya is an excellent program where you can cure for all types of diseases by using nature medicine. The famous quality doctor will be present in the show and will say remedies for all kinds of diseases like Sugar, BP, etc. using plant medicines. In short, information on how diseases can stop without the use of drugs, and using methods like manage of diet, exercise, and massage. A Naturopathy expert present in the studio will provide instructions to viewers about the food and lifestyle changes to live a healthy life. live

Shirdi Aarthi is also most viewed by the audience. In this program, direct live Shirdi Aarthi will be shown to viewers. Free darshan of Sai Baba is available through this program. Encounter with RP is one of the exciting programmes in TV9 Telugu Live Streaming. In this show, Ravi Prakash who is the founder of TV9 will directly interview famous personalities like Movie Actors, politicians, etc. Ravi Prakash with his modest studio method and full field experience, he has brought professional standards to Telugu TV journalism in general and news spreading in particular. He interviewed many famous personalities like Narendra Modi who is PM of our country, Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy, who is Ex- Chief Minister of AP, etc many other people.


That’s Entertainment is a program which shows viewers about national and international activities in the field of entertainment, that is Indian film industry and Hollywood updates.

We covered most exciting and famous programmes which telecasted in TV9 Channel. Apart from this, there are five other channels also owned by Ravi Prakash, and they are also top leading channels in today life. We have to appreciate the founder of this news channel who made us awake around the world with his news and events.

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People who missed any of the episodes on a particular day can watch the show again. TV9 Telugu Live Streaming option for all TV9 channel viewers. If you want to watch previous episodes of particular, you can watch. Or else if you want to watch the current episode which is coming in the channel, but you are unable to see due to some technical reasons. You can login to the official page of TV9, and you directly stream the program in living.

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